Sound Chances


Chad Chance has been fascinated with sound since childhood. This manifested itself at first in an interest in music.  Beginning his professional music career at the age of 15, he has played it all, from Big Band Swing to Punk Rock and nearly everything in between.

With a keen ear and the knowledge he acquired from watching top-notch engineers and producers recording him, Chad began to produce and record his own music as well as the music of others.

Sound Chances was established in 2004 as a music recording and production company. Numerous projects for Texas and Oklahoma based artists have come out of Sound Chances since it’s founding. The project styles have ranged from rock, country, jazz and folk.

In 2009 Chad explored another branch of the audio tree and started recording sound for picture after working on an award winning short film. Since that first short film, Chad has done production and/or post-production audio on 3 feature films, 2 documentaries, TV shows and specials, a web series, countless short films and a ton of corporate and commercial videos.